lunes, 13 de septiembre de 2010


If you want to win two vip tickets for Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week. If the answer is ¡YES! comment this post with the reasons about it or send me a e-mail to ... Your choice.

Si quieres asistir a la Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week aqui puedes conseguir dos tickets vip. Para participar deja un comentario en esta entrada explicando los motivos de tu interes, tambien puedes contactar conmigo mediante el correo ... Tu decides.

(Valido hasta el Miércoles 15 de Septiembre de 2010 a las 20:00 h)

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Tara's Dolce Vita dijo...

YES yes yes ja oui siiiiii of course I would like to win tickets for the Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week!
Madrid is one of the most beautiful and hottest cities I have ever been to... and so are the Madrilenos.
I would love to see the newest Spanish trends in fashion!
And it would give me a good opportunity to blog about it at my own blog, Tara's Dolce Vita!

Fred dijo...

I like your minimalistic layout of blog

Vivian dijo...

I don't speak Spanish, but nonetheless, two tickets for the CIBELES MADRID FASHION WEEK would be a wonderful, and exciting, and inspirational experience!!
It would be extremely the highlight of my life!
It would be a fueling for new ideas! It would be the memory to which I will never forget!
I would be the luckiest girl alive!
I am young and I am poor, so being able to go to a fashion show would be absolutely, unquestionably and positively amazing.

Vivian dijo...

Please know that I am only 13 years old!

Anónimo dijo...

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Samiran Dhali dijo...

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juliamarcymarley dijo...

Oh wow! Would love to win these tickets!! Great job on your blog!

Adoina Zehra dijo...

Very nice!!! and I welcome you to my blog do check it out :)

Adoina Zehra dijo...

Very nice!!! and I welcome you to my blog do check it out :)

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